Going4th reaching in evangelization efforts.

To Christ.  We reach for Christ in our daily living in piety, our Lord and Savior, for strength, for grace.

To the unborn.  We are involved in Life ministries, daily prayer and efforts to protect and assist the unborn and the new born.

To the poor.  We help the poor on the streets.  Some won't accept money.  But most will accept your time, your love.  We can do both.

To the orphans.  We assist financially and prayerfully orphans in Mexico in their ongoing needs.  Click here to help the orphanage directly: Casa Hogar Misericordia

To the prisoners.  Helping the prison ministry in evangelization retreats and ongoing spiritual formation.  Contact Fredi Romo to help out Direct in West Texas area: 915-276-8403

To the forgotten.  Reaching out to those in nursing homes and hospitals with prayer and uniting with those who have no one else. 

To the people.  Reaching in evangelization groups, music, and study formation alongside retreats, meeting those willing to meet with our Lord.

Going4th is a 501C Non-profit Organization